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Financial Counsellors Urge Caution Over New Industry Offering Help For Budget Difficulties


sad indictment on our society that finance and money is ...

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Buy Bonds, It?s Worse Than You Think

Interest Rates To Go Down! REALLY? Danish Saxo Bank chief economist Steen Jakobsen, was recently speaking in Sydney on a visit from the bank?s Copenhagen headquarters...

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Interest Rate Hikes Are Likely

?The decline in the exchange rate from its highs a year ago will assist in achieving balanced growth in the economy, but less so than previously as a result of the rise over the past few months. The exchange rate remains high by historical standards.? This comment...

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How many times do people need to be told that the pension eligibility age is not the mandatory retirement age! I will say that again ? Pension eligibility age is not mandatory retirement age! This current government, (as have others before it) raised the pension...

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Dearest Nobby Kleinman

Dearest Nobby kleinman Thank you so much for you amazingly straightforward book Want MoreMoney Honey?. I have to thank you for writing it, I feel like you are talking to me 🙂 Seriously though, I think if it wasn’t for your book and Money Rules Money Manager Program...

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Creative, dedicated, and passionate, Nobby Kleinman is a financial planning and Internet marketing expert who has had over two decades of experience as a financial advisor and consultant.

A relentless self-starter, Nobby spent the majority of his career as a self-employed businessman who consistently shares his financial expertise with individuals and large corporations through presentations and consultations.

Nobby has been developing his own presentations and methods for years after being wholly dissatisfied with what was available in the financial planning education market.

Through his own research and development, he has created a system of teaching methods and a book series that provide no-nonsense, honest advice about planning properly for the future.

In the past, Nobby has been responsible for the annual management of many millions of dollars in client funds and has facilitated the implementation of millions of dollars of insurance for a number of Australia’s big name brand companies and organizations.

While he had an immensely successful career as an advisor to large corporations, the most fulfilling role he has had is the one he currently focuses on as a mentor to others.

Through speaking engagements, authoring books, investing, and seeking entrepreneurial opportunities, Nobby consistently spreads knowledge of how to achieve the dream of being debt free.

As someone who retired by the age of 54 he had already retired from full time work, but soon found he needed mental stimulation and still had a desire to assist people overcome the daily problems of managing their money.

In 2006, he took up full time internet marketing and adapted his unique strategies to the online world with a worldwide audience.

Nobby is not your average business owner. He enjoys thinking outside of the box and ahead to the future. He recently launched a new book aimed particularly to women called Money Rules -Want More Money Honey a complete no-fluff, quick and easy to read for managing personal financial matters.

More recently, he achieved an international #1 Best Seller with Rich Girl Poor Girl.

He brings a wealth of experience to the table as an expert within the financial, Internet Marketing and business development space. His true specialty is his mastery of having developed the first complete tool to help manage money and debt which is not available anywhere else.

In addition to his passion for the Internet as a business and social tool, Nobby is strongly committed to helping others in the fields of business and entrepreneurship.

With this very active business life, Nobby admits to not having a lot of personal time, although he won’t compromise on his interests which include travel and networking, meeting people. He is often found conducting business over coffee and cake.

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